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 Welcome to the website of the Nyírségi Napraforgó Bt. !

Our main activities:

Production of wax foundations, beeswax melting and pressing. Production and selling of beekeeper’s handtools, queen excluders, protective clothing for individuals and resellers. Participation in the lokal and national beekeeper’s public life. Developing of the hungarian apiary culture, knowledge and technology. Building and cherishing of international contacts.

The short history of our company

Our company was founded in 1995. It’s original aim was to supply the beekeepers in Szabolcs Szatmár Bereg county with wax foundations of excellent quality. The company is going on with this activity today, too, and takes on old comb melting, pressing of wax foundations – also in unique quantities– and beeswax selling and buying.

Our company expanded it’s activity with the selling of beekeeper’s tools in 1996 because of the bad tool suppliment in the county. Our shop in Nyíregyháza has been founded and it works with flexible opening time at the same place up to this day.

The company has begun producing beekeeper’s handtools in 1997, first were smokers and honey strainers. It has expanded the range of the self produced tools continually. Currently it deals with the production of 35 handtools and is enlarging this range consantly. You can find more details about our products at the menu by the ’products’.

The production of the accessory protective wear has started in 1999.

We deal with the production of metal and plastic queen excluders of standard and unique size from 2002 on.

After the accession to the Europian Union in 2004 we have made significant technological changes, which have covered the tool producting, the pressing of wax foundations and the preparation of beeswax. Thanks to these all of the production processes match the standards and hygienic orders accepted in the Europian Union.

The official website of the company has been completed in 2005, which is developed and up-to-date informations are added continually.

In these days the main aim of our company is to perform successfully in the Europian Union and to cooperate with it’s home and foreign partners successfully also in the future.

You can contact us:
Adress: Hungary 4400 Nyíregyháza Fáy András út 15
Phone: 00 36 341 169
Mobile: 00 36 392 28 17
e-mail: info@meheszbolt.hu

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